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Event - Year 4 Debating

27 February 2019

On Wednesday 27th February, Year 4 took part in a debate based on the book ‘How to Train your Dragon’ which they have been enjoying reading this term.

The whole class were divided into two teams and debated whether or not Stoick, the Viking leader, should have banished his son Hiccup when his dragon failed to pass an important test. Here is what two children had to say about their experience:

"Year 4 took part in a debate. We were split into half so there were 15 people in each group. One group wanted them to be thrown into exile and the other did not. I thought they should be exiled. My group made lots of points about how they should be exiled. We made a point about how they failed the initiation test and that it said they had to pass it in the book of rules. We also said Stoick would become a brave and powerful leader. The other team were very persuasive so they ended up having more votes." – Rebecca

"Today I participated in a debate and I was for the boys to get exiled. In the debate I made a point about them failing the initiation test. I answered a question that was asked by the against side. I think the strongest points my team made were: failed the initiation test, Stoick would be seen as a weak leader and rules are rules. They should only have exiled Hiccup because it was his dragon that started the dual. All the questions the against side asked me were hard to answer so they persuaded me to change my mind." - Joseph