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Event - KS1 at the ThinkTank

26 June 2014

What a super day we had at the ThinkTank.

We took part in lots of different activities throughout the day, learning about everything from our bodies to how pneumatics can blast balls out of a cannon! We watched a documentary about coral reefs in the 3D cinema which was amazing – the fish looked so real we reached out to try and catch them!

The outdoor science garden was brilliant. We enjoyed playing with the pulleys to lift us high into the air and loved playing with the different water systems.

A great day was had by all!

A report on the ThinkTank trip:

On Thursday we went to the Thinktank. We had a great time and lots of fun. First we went on a double decker bus. We soon got there, we all hopped off excitedly. We couldn't wait to get to the ThinkTank, slowly we went into the building. When we were in the hall a lady talked to us and then we happily walked to the Lego workshop where we learned about pushes and pulls. After that we went to watch a 3D movie about under water.

When it had finished we quickly rushed to get out lunch. We were so hungry.

After that we went to the Science Garden. We watched a rocket go up. We got so wet! After that we went to Kids City, were we played and went to the gift shop and then we went home.

by Millie W, Year 1

Our Sound Explorers music workshop.
Exploring the square wheels in the Science Garden.

Investigating the bee-keeper's hut.
Exploring what happens to the water.

Finding out about prehistoric creatures.
Our 3D cinema experience!

Looking through the different foods and try to create a balanced set of meals.
Feeling what the inside of the small intestine is like.

Exploring the different interatcive activities on health.