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Event - Reception visit New Hall Valley Park

17 May 2021

As part of our topic 'Growing and Learning', Reception visited New Hall Valley Park.

We had a fantastic day observing the environment by taking part in different activities. These included pond dipping in Plants Brook, going on a mini beast hunt and investigating what we had found using magnifying glasses and taking part in observational drawing of the wonderful landscape.

We finished our morning with a picnic in the sunshine. The children were all so enthused by our trip and thoroughly enjoyed exploring our local park.

"We walked all the way to New Hall Valley Park being really careful walking by the roads. When we got there I went pond dipping with my group, it was so much fun but we didn't catch any fish in the net! Then I went on a mini beast hunt with my group and I even found a caterpillar with lots of legs. I drew a picture of what I could see around me, it was the red bridge over the water and lots of trees. Then we had a picnic lunch and walked back to school. It was so much fun."

Report by Evelyn, RSM