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Event - Year 4's Oakerwood Residential

27 to 29 April 2022

Last week, most of Year 4 went on an exciting residential trip to Oakerwood to have fun and learn new skills.

Firstly, we went to school excited to go to Oakerwood. After Mr McNicholas explained the rules, we were ready to leave. We got on the coach and left for Oakerwood. After the hour and a half drive, we finally got there.

When we got there, we were put into groups. Our group’s first activity was to solve puzzles in the forest. For one of them we had to get a ball to the end along some long and short tubes. We were really bad at it! We also had an activity where you had to throw rings around pieces of wood sticking up out of the ground.

For lunch, we had veggie fingers, crisps and a bread roll. After lunch, we did the low ropes. They were quite fun but I was mostly looking forward to the zip wire, monkey climb, gladiator and quick jump. We had some free time after that. At about 6:30om we had the bonfire and went to bed at 8.30pm.

The next day we ate breakfast and then our group made our way to the monkey climb. It was really fun but it was quite high. Luckily, I’m not afraid of heights! When you start the monkey climb it looks easy but it’s really not. I managed to get to the top along with some other children in my group and Miss Williams. When I was bouncing down, I cut my hand so I started laughing because I couldn’t bounce down normally!

When we got back for lunch, we had cheese sandwiches, cucumber, tomato and crisps. Because our cabin was the tidiest out of the girls’ cabins, we got an extra piece of brownie.

During the afternoon, we had a go on the zip wire. When you were waiting to go on the zip wire, you got to play football or talk with a friend. Whilst I was waiting I played football and piggy in the middle. When I went up to the zip wire it looked scary because you couldn’t sit on anything like a normal zip wire. It was so fun as I went along! Bravely, I jumped out the tree and as quick as a flash was at the end.

After that, we had some free time before eating our dinner which was spaghetti Bolognese. Unfortunately, our cabin had to wash up every last bowl but it was all worth it in the end because we got five team points each! Then, we had a bonfire and some roasted marshmallows.

On the final day, we had some time to pack before completing our final activities – the quick jump and gladiator. As quick as a flash, I reached the top of both of them! For the quick jump, I bravely jumped out from the tree and was the only person in my group to land on their feet.

We were all very tired on the coach back but we had a fantastic time!

Report by Annabelle, 4M