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Event - Number Day

5 May 2021

On Wednesday 5th May, we enjoyed a fun, maths rich 'Number Day'!

The children took part in many different activities including games, quizzes, active Maths, iPads, problem solving and much more.

In Reception, they ordered themselves (using number flashcards) up to 30. Then they played parachute number problems, take away, doubling, one more and one less, followed by lots of indoor number activities.

Year 1 classes used iPads and played maths board games.

In Year 2, they were completing puzzles and doing maths competitions.

Year 3 played Mathionaire and completed magic squares

In Year 4 they solved challenges, completed a quiz and played ‘Guardians of Mathamatica’ on the iPads.

Year 5 learned all about stars and drew as many as they could on the playground using chalk followed by a range of games.

Year 6, learnt about multiplication and division, playing board games and then some made their own!

Report written by Saanvi, Indira, Alex and George W (Year 4)