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Event - Maths Challenge

21 January 2022

On the 21st of January 2022 we set off from Maney Hill School to King Edward’s for our maths challenge.

We arrived excitedly at the school and it was huge with glass doors and intricate designs. We took our seats and we worked together to answer the warm up questions. They put out a range of snacks to eat before we started.

After all the six schools arrived, we began the competition. First up we had the crossnumber, we only had twenty minutes to complete it. Once the timer was up, we counted our total number of correct answers and we got an outstanding score of 46/51.

We then had a three-minute break and after had to get ready for the second challenge, the relay race. The four of us were separated, the girls on the green team and the boys were on the yellow team. After a sticky start, we were running smoothly and managed to get 22.

Finally, we finished both the challenges and were waiting for the top four schools to be announced. We came second. We got a silver medal - we were all elated!

We would like to thank Miss Green, Miss Wood and Mrs Whitehead for helping and organising this opportunity. Thank you!