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Event - Year 4 at Lunt Roman Fort

5 April 2022

On Tuesday 5th April, both Year 4 classes visited the Lunt Roman Fort.

We learnt about the Romans and found out how they defended themselves. We enjoyed touching lots of the Roman armour including a belt, sandals and helmet.

We found out that the Romans wore only a tunic to cover their legs – even in cold places! Also, if their sword was taken from them, they had a dagger they could use instead. On their sandals, we felt metal bits on the bottom of them which were used to step on the feet of the Celts.

It was very fun because for part of the day we got to train with swords, shields and javelins in an arena! We felt just like Roman soldiers.

Everybody had a fantastic day!

Report by Zoya and Teddy, Year 4