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At Maney Hill, we want to create a PE curriculum that enriches children's experiences across a range of engaging physical activities.

We also want children to develop their practical skills through creative learning opportunities, involving use of our school environment and beyond.

We want our children to participate in a range of competitive and non-competitive activities both in PE lessons and in a range of extra-curricular activities. We aim to develop an enjoyment of sport and physical activity, and promote a healthy lifestyle in our children from an early-age.

Boys' Football

Boys' Football Team in 2014.

Maney Hill boys' football club is a great way to show your skills to the teachers and your mates. People come for fitness, fun and to prove themselves to get into the school football team.

It takes place after school for Year 5 and 6. It is a very fun and enjoyable sport. This is a great way to gain football skills and become more confident with the ball. The sport we provide also includes collaboration and each training makes you get better every week. Training makes you feel like a professional footballer!

by Dylan H and Faisal S


Learning how to do cheerleading, and having fun!

The Cheerleading club for Years 3 and 4 is one of the best clubs you can go to. We can make pyramids and we can also fly!

Our teachers, Mr Thomson and Mr Price, make the cheerleading club safe and enjoyable. They are fun, creative teachers who give us examples that are slow and easy to follow, they also give tips create the perfect pyramid and the best routines. The cheerleading team is extraordinary and we are super at stunts. We look forward to entering competitions.

by Poppy and Laylee


Cricket club is held after school. It is fun and sporty-which gives your child a chance to interact with other children, also to get fit? Your child will instantly be happy and be able to do all things to do with cricket.

This is a club held for Years 5 and 6. This club will either be held by a professional cricketer or be held by a teacher. There are chances for children to get involved in competitive matches but also to gain experience with an exciting sport.

by Sian M and Zara H


Cross-country runners from 2014.

Cross-Country takes place in winter during lunch time and people in Key Stage 2 can take part. You can also take place in the races that are against other schools or you cold just do it for your fitness and it really helps you improve a lot. It is great fun!

by Annabelle J and Samuel L

Girls' Football

Girls' Football Team in 2014.

Girls' Football is a club for Year 5 and 6 girls who would like to play football. It's extremely popular. In girls football we have learnt lots of new skills, and what positions we should play in, in a match. Also it teaches us about teamwork and sportsmanship.

There are tournaments and matches that all girls can participate in. Girl's football club encourages us to be more enthusiastic about football; it allows us to learn how to play it properly whilst having fun.

by Hannah C and Zaynah Y

Infant Choir

"We sing lots of songs like 'Let it Go', 'Happy', 'Algy met a Bear', 'Big Feet' and 'A Whole New World'. I like choir because it is fun!" by Millie W

"I like choir because it helps me have a better singing voice. The actions are fun." by Ishan

"I like choir because I love singing. I liked singing in front of the whole school." by Iliana

"I like singing 'Let it Go' because Frozen is my favourite film." by Samiyah

"I like stamping my feet to 'Big Feet'. It is fun!" by Anaaya

Junior Choir

The choir in 2014.

Junior Choir is lots of fun for Key Stage 2. We have been able to sing our favourite songs like all of the latest in the charts and our favourite musicals.

In 2014, we were able to go to the 'Young Voices' concert for all primary schools in the UK and Ireland. We had great fun and it was an amazing experience.

We recommend going to choir because you learn to improve your voices. So join in on all the fun, and bring out your inner song!

by Hannah P and Poppy C

Knitting Club

Learning to knit.

Knitting Club teaches you to knit. First the children learn how to use a knitting dolly, using this technique you can make a snake or a flower. After the knitting dolly has been mastered, needles can be used to make lots of different things such as scarfs, purses and jumpers.

Knitting club encourages you to develop a new skill in craft!


Netball takes place after school, it is a very tiring sport but very enjoyable. We had two girls come in from Bishop Walsh that came to help us play better, and teach us some skills. This made us better at team work.

Clubs are to have fun, and netball definitely is enjoyed by everyone.

by Rebecca P and Codie R-P

Tae Kwon Do

Tae kwon do takes place after school. You learn Tae kwon do, which is a martial art. You can go through each pattern to earn different coloured belts. As well as earning Tae kwon do belts, you can get fitter and learn self-control. I think that going to Tae kwon do prepares you for later life.

by David I and Jodie R