Maney Hill Primary School, Maney Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield


Maney Hill Road, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1JU
Tel: 0121 464 9673

School Staff

Meet the friendly staff who work at our school - all drawn by our talented pupils. If you would like to see what they really look like, just roll over the drawings with your mouse!

Mrs Bai

Miss Bates
by Daisy

Mrs Bearley
by Maddie

Mrs Bower
by Francesca

Miss I Brown

Mrs S Brown
by Jeevan

Miss Collister
by Simi

Mrs Collister
by Poppy

Mrs Cooper
by Heidi

Mrs Dixon
by Annabell

Mrs Edge
by Ethan

Mrs Edwards
by Amber

Miss Farmer
by Poppy

Mrs Freer
by Caitlin

Mrs Fullard
by Gracie

Miss Gouldney
by Maddie

Mrs Grayston
by Joel

Miss Jayne Green
by Joel

Miss Jenny Green
by Martha

Mrs Hall
by Amaya

Miss Harrison
by Max

Mr Hartop
by Oscar

Mr Jackson
by Sophie

Mrs Kelly
by Ellis

Mrs Liddar
by Joel

Mr McNicholas
by Joshua

Mrs Mills
by Poppy
Mrs Morecock
by George

Mrs Morgan-Walsh
by Isaac

Mrs Murphy
by Priya

Mrs O'Riordan

Mrs Patel
by Louis

Mrs Philippou
by Francesca

Miss Randall
by Isabel

Mr Reid
by Saanvi

Mrs Samson
by Bella

Mrs Simkiss
by Isabel

Mrs Smith
by Salma

Miss Smithson
by Shari

Miss Thorpe
by Saanvi

Mrs Tisdale
by Joel

Mrs Webb
by Thomas

Mrs Whitehead
by Alex

Mr Wigley
by Ella

Staff List

Name Title/Responsibility
Mrs S Whitehead Headteacher, SLT
Mrs J Thorneloe Deputy Headteacher, SLT
Miss H Bates Assistant Headteacher, SLT
Mrs E Freer Assistant Headteacher, SLT
Mrs S Mills School Business Manager, Data Protection Officer (DPO), SLT
Mrs K Samson SENDCO, SLT
Mrs C Morecock Teacher, Computing Leader, SLT
Mr T McNicholas Teacher, Topic Leader, SLT
Mr D Wigley Teacher, Science Leader, PE Leader, SLT
Miss H Bates Teacher
Miss I Brown Teacher
Mrs J Fullard Teacher
Miss Jenny Green Teacher
Mr A Jackson Teacher
Miss S Randall Teacher
Mr S Reid Teacher
Miss R Smithson Teacher
Miss M Thorpe Teacher
Mrs S Brown Teaching Assistant
Miss J Collister Teaching Assistant
Mrs V Cooper Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Edwards Teaching Assistant
Miss H Farmer Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Grayston Teaching Assistant, Bluebirds Manager
Mrs M Hall Teaching Assistant
Miss R Harrison Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Kelly Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Liddar Teaching Assistant, Bluebirds Play Leader
Mrs E Philippou Teaching Assistant
Mrs V Smith Senior Office Manager
Mrs S Bearley Building Site Supervisor
Mrs L Morgan-Walsh Office and Finance Assistant
Mr M Hartop IT Technician
Miss R Harrison Bluebirds Assistant Manager
Mrs S Dixon Bluebirds Play Leader, Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss K Gouldney Bluebirds Play Leader
Miss Jayne Green Bluebirds Play Leader, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs D Liddar Bluebirds Play Leader
Mrs V Murphy Bluebirds Play Leader
Mrs M Patel Bluebirds Play Leader, Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs E Philippou Bluebirds Play Leader
Mrs H Simkiss Bluebirds Play Leader, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C Bai Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs C O'Riordan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Tisdale Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Webb Lunchtime Supervisor
Aspens School Cook
Mrs J Collister Kitchen Assistant
Mrs A Edge Kitchen Assistant
Mrs O Owusu Kitchen Assistant