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Proposed Expansion of Maney Hill

Maney Hill Primary School is a very popular and heavily over-subscribed school. In 2015, it was the third most popular school in Birmingham with 170 applications for the 30 places available.

The Governing Body unanimously decided to agree to a request from the local authority to take an additional 30 pupils in Reception from September 2015. This increased the school size to 240 pupils. Temporary accommodation was provided for the additional 30 pupils.

Birmingham City Council, as the local authority for Birmingham, is now consulting on a proposal to expand Maney Hill Primary School by enlargement of the premises to increase the net capacity from 210 to 420. If the proposal to expand the school is successful then the expansion will include remodelling of the existing accommodation and provision of additional classrooms.

This page is intended to ensure that parents, local residents and those interested can easily access all information related to the additional 30 Reception children and the proposal to permanently expand the school. We have included contact details for local authority representatives involved in the proposed expansion. If you have a query about the proposed school expansion, not answered on this page, the contact details for the school can be found on the Contact Us page.

Year of Entry Applications Received by Closing Date Number of Places Available Number of Applications for each place available Cut-off Distance
2012 170 30 5.67 549m/0.34mi
2013 127 30 4.23 411m/0.25mi
2014 145 30 4.83 796m/0.49mi
2015 151
555m/0.34mi (30 pupils)
1093m/0.68mi (60 pupils, June 15 offers)

Timeline for Proposed Expansion

June 2016 Update:

The document below contains photographs and plans of the building and grounds expansion:

December 2015 Update:

Following consultation, Birmingham City Council have approved the proposal to expand Maney Hill Primary School. From September 2016, a total of 60 Reception places will be available. All school places will be subject to our Admissions Criteria.

Date Action
Week commencing 7 September 2015 Proposal document distributed.
17 September 2015 Statutory notice published.
17 September 2015 Beginning of 4 week representation period.
15 October 2015 End of 4 week representation period.
Week commencing 7 December 2015 Final decision made.
1 September 2016 School is permanently expanded from this date.

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